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Levolor Riviera & Mark I SheerView Blinds

SheerView reaffirms Levolor's tradition of excellence and innovation expected by top architects and designers. This unique feature offers a revolutionary advancement in horizontal blind window treatments. SheerView provides all the benefits of a traditional metal blind - superior light control, reduced heat gain, a broad color selection - without sacrificing the external view.

Levolor Riviera & Mark I SheerView Blinds are perfect for commercial use.

The subtle perforation of each slat puts SheerView in a class by itself. The perforations allow light to filter softly through the slat lending a softened touch to the lines of a traditional metal blind. The staggered pattern of .020" diameter symmetric perforations (nominally 177 per inch of slat length) provides a clean, aesthetic look. Slats have an openness factor of 6%, delivering up to a 42% reduction in solar heat gain as compared to a fully opened blind.

Levolor Riviera & Mark I SheerView Slat Closeup

Because SheerView optimizes the exterior view while maximizing light and glare control. This feature has been embraced by top architects and designers for its stylish versatility and cost effectiveness when compared to alternative products delivering similar performance. SheerView is particularly useful for reducing glare in computer intensive environments. The see-through quality also adds to the enjoyment of light and view in common areas.

Levolor Mark I SheerView Blinds

Shown above are Levolor Mark I DustGuard blinds with SheerView option in fully closed position showing the amount of view still allowed while closed and providing 42% Shading Coefficient.

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Levolor - Kirsch Window Fashions, a division of NewellRubbermaid, is headquartered in High Point, NC and, is one of the leading manufacturers of custom window coverings in North America.

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