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Levolor produces four different versions of their well-known Riviera blind. Since 1970 they have produced what is now referred to as the "Riviera Classic", the top of the line in the Riviera series.

Levolor Riviera Classic Blind

Riviera Classic

Additionally, since the seventies, they have also produced a commercial grade version for office buildings known as the "Riviera Contract". The Riviera Contract uses all the same components of the "Riviera Classic" except for the slats, which are .006" thick rather than .0085" as in the Riviera Classic.

Other than this difference, these 2 versions of Levolor Riviera blinds are virtually identical in appearance, but the Riviera Contract was not available to the general public until October 2003 when Levolor made the Riviera Contract available to all.

Levolor Riviera Contract Blind

Riviera Contract

In June 1999 they brought out a new, cheaper model of the Riviera (for home improvement centers such as Home Depot and Lowes), known as the "New Riviera". We elected not to sell this product, as we judged it to be technically inferior to the Riviera Classic.

View of the "New Riviera" introduced in 1999.

New Riviera

The New Riviera model was supposed to fully replace the Riviera Classic at the end of 1999, but Levolor kept both products on the market due to demand from consumers and independent dealers for the Riviera Classic.

In April 2007 Levolor degraded the quality of the New Riveria further by reducing the slat thickness to 006" rather than .0085" as in the Riviera Classic and the New Riviera. To mark this slat thickness change, they discontinued the name "New Riviera" and now call it the Riviera One.

We elected not to sell this product, as we judged it to be even more inferior to the Riviera Classic than the New Riviera.

View of the "Riviera One" introduced in April 2007.

Riviera One

So if you are looking to match your existing Levolor Riviera blinds, be aware that you will receive only the original Riviera Classic (or at your choice, the Riviera Contract) from us.

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