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As the classic, timeless design of hardwood shutters are a consistently popular window fashion, Hunter Douglas has recently created a guide to help consumers shop for these quality window treatments. "Hardwood shutters are a significant investment," says Christine Kane, Brand Manager for Hunter Douglas' Heritance® hardwood shutters, "and like any significant investment consumers need to do their homework to ensure their investment is a sound one. They need detailed information to make sure they're comfortable with not only the product, but the company that stands behind that investment."

Here is a brief look at some of the smart shopping tips outlined in "How To Be Shutter Savvy," the new 18-page guide from Hunter Douglas:

1. Choose solid, natural wood shutters. Product information should confirm that the shutters are made from 100% real, natural wood, such as Basswood, Alder, Cedar, Pine or Poplar.

2. Look for 'custom' shutter construction. 'Custom' means the shutter has been built to the exact specifications of your window, while 'customized' means the shutter has merely been cut down to fit your window.

3. Select a shutter with dovetail construction. Dovetail construction is a structurally sound method of putting shutter panels together. Unlike other joinery methods, such as dowel construction, the dovetail method relies more on a crafted, tight fit between two components to lock them together, rather than on glue.

4. Look for light-blocking features. Quality shutters are built with tight tolerances between panels to minimize or entirely eliminate light leakage.

5. Choose a high-quality finish. You'll know it's high quality if it's smooth and hard to the touch and lustrous and rich to the eye.

6. Look at the statistics for energy efficiency and UV protection. Shutters should not only look good, they should also help you increase your energy savings (reducing your home's heating and cooling costs) and protect the interiors of your home from damaging ultraviolet rays. Quality shutters will always display their R-value, shading coefficient and UV blocking ratings.

7. Look for a warranty that demonstrates product quality and customer satisfaction. The best way to know what's covered is to ask to see a copy of the warranty. Also, check into the company that stands behind the warranty. Make sure the company has a reputation for manufacturing consistently superior quality products and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

8. Once you settle on a price, be sure everything is included. Double check to make sure that the price you're quoted includes all the design options you want in your finished shutters.

9. Ensure your shutters are installed by trained professionals. Custom-crafted shutters require custom attention. And when you're making a significant investment in your window treatments, you want to make sure an experienced professional is both measuring and installing them, so there are no surprises.

10. If you choose Heritance hardwood shutters from Hunter Douglas, be sure they are authentic. For proof, make sure there is an authenticity plate, which contains a serial number, on the left side of the first panel. After you've purchased your product, take a moment to complete your Warranty Registration, where you'll be asked to enter the serial number from your authenticity plate. Warranty Registration helps to ensure that you receive optimal customer service in the future.

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